Publications Internationales

ANNEE 2018

  • H. DJELLAB, N. DOGHMANE, A. BOUARFA, M. KANDOUCI.  »Study of the Different Optical Filters in SAC-OCDMA System ». Journal of Optical Communications (April 2018).
  •  Djamel Eddine BENRACHOU, Filipe Neves dOS SANTOS, Brahim BOULEBTATECHE, Salah BENSAOULA. « EyeLSD a Robust Approach for Eye Localization and State Detection ». Journal of Signal Processing Systems,  Volume 90, Issue 1pp 99–125. Springer Verlag. H-index=41 et IF= 0.893.

  • F. BOUMEHREZ, R. BRAI, N. DOGHMANE.  »Quality of experience enhancement of high efficiency video coding video streaming in wireless packet networks using multiple description coding ». J. Electron. Imaging. Volume 27, Issue 1 (2018). Impact Factor=0.754, H-index=54.

  • M. BOUGHAMSA, M. RAMDANI.  »Adaptive fuzzy control strategy for greenhouse micro-climate, International Journal of Automation and Control,12(1)pp. 108–125, 2018. 

ANNEE 2017

  • N. KOUADRIA, K. MECHOUEK, D. MESSADEG, N. DOGHMANE.  »Pruned discrete Tchebichef transform for image coding in wireless multimedia sensor networks ». International Journal of Electronics and Communications (AEÜ) 74 (2017) 123–127. Elsevier.

ANNEE 2016

  • A. BEKHOUCH, I. BOUCHRIKA, N. DOGHMANE.  »Improving view random access via increasing hierarchical levels for multi-view video coding. IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics( Volume: 62, Issue: 4, November 2016 )
  • Amel BOUCHEMHA, Mohamed Cherif NAIT-HAMOUD, Noureddine DOGHMANE.  »Synthetic aperture radar image compression based on Multiscale geometric transforms ». International Journal of Intelligent Engineering Informatics (IJIEI) Inderscience 2016.
  • Saliha HARIZE, Hichem SEMIRA, Mohamed BENOUARET, Noureddine DOGHMANE.  »Hardware Implementation and Performance Evaluation of the HEVC Intra-predicted Blocks Transforms ». Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing pp 1-25. Springer. Impact Factor= 1.178, H-index=34.
  • Amira BOULMAIZ, Djemil MESSADEG, Noureddine DOGHMANE, Abdelmalik TALEB-AHMED. ‘’Robust acoustic bird recognition for habitat monitoring with wireless sensor networks’’. International Journal of Speech Technology, springer. Volume 19, Issue 3, pp 631-645.    H-index=19.

  • Seif Allah Elmesloul NASRI, Khaled KHELIL, Noureddine DOGHMANE. ‘’Enhanced view random access ability for multiview video coding’’. J. Electron. Imaging. Volume 25, Issue 2 (2016). Impact Factor=0.672, H-index=49.
  •  Khaoula MECHOUEK,  Nasreddine KOUADRIA, Noureddine DOGHMANE, Nadia KADDECHE. ‘’Low Complexity DCT Approximation for Image Compression in Wireless Image Sensor Networks’’. Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers, Vol. 25, No. 8 (2016). H-index=20, Impact Factor=0.250.
  • Seloua EL-BAH, Richard DUSSEAUX, and  Saddek AFIFI. « Some Statistical and Spatial Properties of Signal Scattering by 2-D Slightly Rough Random Surfaces »,  IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation  (Volume:64 ,  Issue: 2 ). February 2016. H-index=132, Impact Factor=2.181.

  • Mohammed SAAIDIA, Narima ZERMI, Messaoud RAMDANI.  »Multiple Image Characterization Techniques for Enhanced Facial Expression Recognition ». Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications, 384(2), 497-509, chapter book springer, volume1, january, 2016.
  • Fatma KHAMMAR, Nacereddine DEBBACHE.  »Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for the Control of the Asynchronous Machine ». Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering Volume 2016 (2016). H-index=10

ANNEE 2015

  •  Amel BOUCHEMHA,  Noureddine DOGHMANE, Mohamed Cherif NAIT-HAMOUD, Amine NAIT-ALI.  »Multispectral palmprint recognition methodology based on multiscale representation ». J. Electron. Imaging. 24(4), 043005 (Jul 29, 2015). Impact Factor=0.672, H-index=49.
  •  T. MELLAHI, R. HAMDI. ‘LPC-based formant enhancement method in Kalman filtering for speech enhancement’’. AEU – International Journal of Electronics and Communications, Volume 69, Issue 2, February 2015, Pages 545–554. Impact Factor= 0.696, H-index= 29.
  •  Djamel OUNNAS, Messaoud RAMDANI , Salah CHENIKHER, Tarek BOUKTIR. « A Combined Methodology of H∞ Fuzzy Tracking Control and Virtual Reference Model for a PMSM« . Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Vol 13, N° 3, pp 212-222. 2015 H-index=6.
  • Hichem SEMIRA, Mohamed BENOUARET. Saliha HARIZE,  “Implementation of a Single-Channel HDLC Controller on FPGA”, International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Volume 131 – No.3, December 2015, pp.16-23.

  • DIAF Youssouf, KADDECHE Mohamed  and  ELAKREMI Soumeya.  »Automatic  recognition of phytoplankton’s by combining flow cytometry and decision ».  Asian Jr. of Microbiol. Biotech. Env. Sc. Vol. 17, No. (3): 2015: 83-88.  H Index= 11.
  • Wassim HELLASSA  and Karima BOUKARI  “Improved Detection Technique for the Uncoded MIMO Systems Using an Efficient K-best Algorithm”. International Journal of Engineering and Technology Volume 7, Numéro  2 (2015) pp. 6011-6019
  • C. CHAKOUR, M. F. HARKAT and M. DJEGHABA. ‘’New adaptive kernel principal component analysis for nonlinear dynamic process monitoring’’.  Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences (AMIS) , Vol. 9 No. 4, 2015. Impact Factor= 1.232, H-index= 12.
  •  ZERMI Narima, RAMDANI Messaoud, SAAIDIA Mohamed, SNANI Cherifa,  »Two Dimensional Principal Component Analysis (2DPCA) for human facial expression recognition ». International Journal of Signal Processing and Imaging Engineering (IJSPIE),  vol 2 Feb2015.,

ANNEE 2014

  •  IMM EL EMARY, M FEZARI, F AMARA. ’’ Towards developing a voice pathologies detection system’’ Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics November 2014, Volume 59, Issue 11, pp 1280-1288. SpringerImpact Factor= 0.359, H-index= 14

  • L. ABDOUNE, M. FEZARI.  »Everyday Life Sounds Database: Telemonitoring of Elderly ou Dsabled ».  March 2014. Journal of Intelligent Systems aop.
  • N. ZERMI, M. RAMDANI, M. SAAIDIA. “Human Facial Expression Recognition Based on Parincipal Componcent Analysis and Artidicial Neural Network”, International journal of Information Systems, Vol. 1, July 2014, pp. 46-50.
  •  M. BOUGHAMSA, M. RAMDANI. »Fuzzy sliding mode observer design for anaerobic digestion process », International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Technology (IJSET). Vol1, pp. 8-13, 2014
  •  A. CHAOUCH, K. BOUZENAD, M. RAMDANI. ‘’Enhanced Multivariate Process Monitoring for Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants, » International Journal of Electrical Energy, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 131-137, June 2014
  •  M. BOUGHAMSA, M. RAMDANI. ‘’Robust Fuzzy Control for Anaerobic Digestion System Subject to Unknown Inputs ». International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering, IJCEE 2014
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  • A. BOUMAZA, F. ARBAOUI, M.L. SAIDI. « Diagnostic des défauts à base d’observateur dans un système éolien« , Mediterranean journal of modeling and Simulation  No MJMS 01(2014)pages 043-052.
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ANNEE 2013

  • Y. DIAF, M. KADDECHE. ‘’ A neural network implementation on FPGA for ecological monitoring’’.  Acta Technica Napocensis- Electronica-Telecomunicatii (Electronics and Telecommunications). Volume 54, Number 3, pp. 1-6, 2013.
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  • L. SAHRAOUI, D. MESSADEG, N. DOGHMANE ‘’ Analyse and performance of techniques papr reduction for STBC MIMO-OFDM systme in 4G wireless communication’’ International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks  (IJWMN) Vol. 5, No. 5, October 2013
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ANNEE 2012

  • Abdennour BOUKAACHE, Noureddine DOGHMANE.  »Hybrid discrete cosine transform-discrete wavelet transform for progressive image compression ». J. Electron. Imaging. Volume 21, Issue 1, January 2012. Impact Factor=0.672, H-index=49.
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ANNEE 2011

  • Abdenabi ABIDI, Noureddine GHERRAF, Segni LADJEL, Murielle RABILLER-BAUDRY, Tidjani BOUCHAMI. « Effect of operating parameters on the selectivity of nanofiltration phosphates transfer through a Nanomax-50 membrane », Arabian Journal of Chemistry (2011). H-index=15. Impact Factor=1.367.
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ANNEE 2010

  • Ouassim BARA, Mohamed Tarek KHADIR et  Messaoud DJEGHABA. ‘’ Non-lineair Multiscale pricipal composent analysis dor fault detection: application to pollution parameters ’’. International Journal of Adaptive and Innovative  Systems, Vol 1, Nos ¾, 2010.
  • Lamia MATOUG, Mohamed Tarek KHADIR et  Messaoud DJEGHABA.’’Modelisation et commande prédicitive d’une station de production d’eau froide basée sur un compresseur scroll et des échangeurs à plaques brassées’’ International Journal of Adaptive and Innovative Systems 01/2010; 1.
  • M. SOLTANE, N. DOGHMANE, N. GUERSI. ‘’Face and Speech Based Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication’. International Journal  of Advanced Science and Technology  10/2010; 21(20)Vol. 21, pp:41-56. August, 2010.

ANNEE 2009

  •  A. BELMEGUENAIN. DOGHMANE,  K. MANSOURI. ‘’Construction of Balanced Functions without Extending Their Number of Variables’’ . IAENG International Journal of Applied Mathematics 39(3) · August 2009.
  • A. DJELLAL, B. BOULEBTATECHE, et A. YOUCEF KHODJA. LQ-Guided Reinforcement Learning Controller. MASAUM Journal of Computing (MJC) 2009, Vol.1 No.3, pp. 404-409.
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